About Us

Cultivate Children’s Center is a preschool that celebrates and welcomes all children. We recognized the need to meet children where they are developmentally rather than where others think they should be. Children are capable of more than they get credit for! This preschool intentionally focuses on what a child CAN do and helps them discover new approaches for child-led learning. Our goal is to bring positivity and an open mind so that children can succeed in their way.

Meet the Team

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Headshot of Ms. Belinda, co-owner of Cultivate Children's Center.

Mrs. Belinda


Hello! I’m Belinda, and your child will either refer to me as “Mrs. B” or “Benda" depending on their age, and I’ll answer to both! I am a first-time special needs mom, forever student, wife, and educator. For the last 16 years, I have worked with children ages infant to middle school, and I’m certain my calling is to encourage children to be who they are. As an educator, I know that forcing a child to do something they don't want to do is a power struggle waiting to happen. I want to offer an environment where children are their own teachers and we help facilitate their development. It doesn't mean that we will not create and offer a plan for the day; it just means we are realistic and know that children can decide at any given moment to disrupt those plans. Our job is to be prepared for those moments and turn them into learning opportunities: thus the reason Cultivate Children’s Center was created. I hope you will allow us the privilege of watching your child grow with us.

Ms. Savannah headshot


Teacher, Butterfly Classroom

Hi! I’m Savannah, the lead teacher in the Butterfly Classroom at Cultivate Children’s Center! I’ve always known that I wanted to be a teacher and work with children since I was little. I started to pursue that career choice in 2021, as I gained experience working with children from the ages 3 months-4 years old, and taking classes to earn my credentials. I wanted a career that genuinely made me happy and made a difference. It gives me pure joy having the opportunity to provide a safe and loving environment that allows children to grow and learn! I love the idea that at Cultivate Children’s Center, we encourage every child to be a leader and achieve their personal milestones.

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